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heater not maintaining temp (my story so far)

hey gang. having issues with the AC heater in my latitude.

whats been happening:
cold outside (55 degrees or colder)
set cabin temperature to something warm (~73-77 degrees)
warm air pumps out appropriately for ~20 minutes
then it switches to cool and/or cold air, sometimes oscillating between the two
the cabin temperature drops noticeably
seems as if the AC tries to regulate at the set temp, but overshoots to cold
turning the fan higher doesn't help
using the auto feature doesn't help
wont switch back to warm air unless temp set absurdly high (82+ degrees)

brought it to dealer, demonstrated issue
service advisor said it might be a bad actuator
they updated software for two systems (PCM and IPC), told me to drive
no change, problem persists
opened star case, brought back to dealer
dealer techs spoke with star techs, said the AC Control Head needs replacing
AC Control Head is on national backorder

that's it so far. will update when i have more news.

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