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Originally Posted by flaco View Post
Others have posted about having the same issue. At least you didn't get an 'operating as intended' as someone else did.

LOL. i intentionally left out all the dealership drama from the initial post, but that did, in fact, happen to me too. the short story is that i demonstrated the issue to the service advisor (who is professional and knowledgeable), who concurred there was something wrong and they should troubleshoot it. he even suggested the issue might be the actuator. when i asked for a rental car, he suggested i call Chrysler directly since the dealer doesn't issue rentals. while on the phone with Chrysler, the CSR put me on hold to talk to the dealership to see what had been done so far and to confirm they were, in fact, troubleshooting my vehicle. he spoke with the service manager (note: not the service advisor who had looked at my vehicle and confirmed the problem), who told the Chrysler CSR the following:

"Yeah, it didn't throw any error codes, so no work was done. My wife's car does that too, so apparently that's normal for Chrysler AC units." (paraphrased wording, but he absolutely mentioned "no error codes," "wife's car does the same thing" and "nothing we can do.")

as such, the Chrysler CSR said he had to go with the word of the dealership spokesperson who said "there was nothing they could do" (in spite of the fact that the service advisor *specifically* told me to leave my jeep there for testing, and concurred that there was a problem), and could not issue me a rental. i spent the next 20 minutes attempting to convince the Chrysler CSR that the dealership service manager was either ill-informed or a liar. it was only because of my tenacity that it was turned into a Star Case, and the Star Case Manager 100% concurred with me, agreed that the problem was a problem, and gave me a $35/day limit reimbursement for a rental.

so... yeah. :/

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