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2014+ Jeep Cherokee HID kit - No Resistors - Plug+Play

2014+ Jeep Cherokee Plug+Play HID Kit - RESISTOR FREE!

With the help of forum member @Wisconsin Mike, XenonDepot has come up with a Plug+Play HID kit for the 2014+ Jeep Cherokee; That’s right, NO resistors, No harness — simple plug+play.

Three forum members @ptrudel, @Stabone831, and @gravitywell) have been successfully using our plug+play Jeep HID kit for approximately 1-2 months prior to posting this thread. The rest of the forum testers (listed below) will be receiving their component in approximately 1 week, and can comment once they have the lights installed.


2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee — Product Required is a XenonDepot 9012 HID kit

2016 Jeep Cherokee - Product Required is a XenonDepot 9005 HID kit

You do NOT need to select any options on the product page such as "CanBUS" or "Mopar" when ordering the HID kit.

You *WOULD* however need to purchase this all new XenonDepot PWM Module in addition to the HID kit - pictures are coming.

Installation is literally this easy - Car Harness ==> PWM Module ==> Ballast ==> HID bulb - that's it!

If you've already purchased a XenonDepot HID kit (Xtreme HID kit), then all you would need to do is get the XenonDepot PWM Module; You do NOT need to purchase a new kit.

Note - @ptrudel and @gravitywell reported an *intermittent* brief error during cranking as the system voltage fell significantly, and did not provide enough power to start the ballasts (even though the ballasts are low-draw). As a result, the Jeep recognized the lack of current and threw a "Low Beam Out" error. However, a split-second later the alternator started producing power and the ballast ignited -- error gone. We cannot confirm that this product will work with any other HID ballasts or kits, nor is it intended to be used with another HID kit.

In short: Plug+Play, no relay harness, no resistors, no polarity to worry about, just a simple plug+play installation.


*TESTER NAMES: @ptrudel @gravitywell @cspaced @Polestar @Stabone831 @imthatguy @Gersh*

Here's a diagram for easy reference:

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