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New for 2017 Trailhawk L plus

Just was at the Jeep Cherokee Build your own Cherokee when I noticed a 2nd version of the Trailhawk called the L Plus. So I used their compare function to find out what the difference is. I was in for a few surprises. The L is for towing in luxury, up to 5,500 lbs at a cost of a few things. It is decked out like Limited but lost a few Trailhawk items. The first one I noticed was no skid plates, no elec parking brake, no bat rundown protection, no oil cooler, no trans cooler. They both only get one axle ratio 4.083. Also it shows both having an optional 5,500 lbs towing and the original 4,500 tow rating. My conclusion is that the L stands for limited or luxury or even Leather and the dropped the skid plates for weight. Strange changes

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