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SR Light Bar Installed -- Grille/Bumper Gap

Hey guys just completed my hidden single row light bar install. After searching the forums I haven't found anyone with the hood/bumper gap set up..So here's my write up!

2015 Cherokee Trailhawk (without adaptive cruise control -->acc may interfere with light mounting)

Light bar - Rigid Industries SR2 10" Driving/Hyperspot Combo Pattern

After buying the Cherokee a year ago, I was quick to discover the poor light output it produced especially with high beams..It is annoying that jeep would go and develop these awesome looking projector headlights and then stick budget halogen bulbs in them!! But that's another thread lol

I realized I was going to have to run a set of driving lights, but mounting and location was going to be an issue. I run Rigid D2's Driving pattern and Rigid Dually Spots on my other vehicle a 2012 F150. Familiar with the output of the D2's and Dually's, I knew I wasn't going to be able to run them at their full potential behind the lower grille insert on the Cherokee, as I like to run my lights hidden. After many measurements I decided to settle on a Rigid SR2 bar that would rest under the hood but project its light cleanly through the hood/bumper gap. Mounting a bracket to the bumper hidden under the plastic covering seemed to be a head scratcher, until I pried back the top part of the plastic covering the bumper to expose the top/inner metal of the bumper. While pried back, there was just enough room to run a drill bit down through the metal resulting in 0 damage to the plastic. With these 2 holes drilled I could now bolt my flat brackets to the flat underside of the metal bumper, which my light bar would mount to. The bolts fit snugly just before the curved lip of the bumper but hidden under the plastic trim. Mocking up the light bar on the brackets, I was left with a gap of 3" from the rad to the backside of the bar with the front of the bar flush with the plastic bumper. This position was perfect as it cleared both the hood when closed and the hood release latch, which I was was worried about. To archive the proper height of the bar I just used the taller mount brackets that came with the bar and drilled holes in them to my desired height and set in place as it is mounted now.

I ran my wiring through the aux port within the wiring grommet to the left of the brake pedal. The complete install took approx 2 hours and was relatively simple. A single row 20" bar may fit but it would be closer to the rad due to the curve in the bumper for mounting as why I went with a 10"..but I could be wrong.

After aiming the bar at night, the light output is amazing, Rigid's optics really focuses the light where it needs to be. The hood and bumper do not block any light casting noticeable. Driving I can light up street signs 1.1km down the road, with the sides of the road still flooded with light. This bar at 45 watts, 4500 lumens certainly gives my D2/Dually Spot set up = 105 watts a run for their money. This bar just slightly lacks the wide spread compared to the D2s..but heck it's got the best of both worlds in a small package at 45 watts!!

This Rigid SR2 bar is the third product I have purchased from Rigid and I must say their products are worth every penny. My D2/Dually set up on my truck has been on for 4 years now and still bright as new with high usage. Highly recommend their products for the extra couple bucks!

Here's some pics of the install and light output. The pics of the bar are shown aimed high, as the pics were prior to aiming.

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