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Originally Posted by mowcowbell View Post
That's odd. I just used the lug wrench that came with my Trailhawk to rotate my tires and it worked fine without damaging the wheel bolts.
Like I said up there, I had zero issues when doing the wheels myself. Problem occured after a visit at the dealership. I've had problems with them overtightening wheels before (one lug nut on the 2005 Liberty had to be drilled out).

Originally Posted by SkipW View Post
I have done three seasons worth of winter/summer changeovers with the factory supplied tools as well and never had an issue, although the winter wheels come with their own bolts and an adapter that fits the factory socket. I will soon be doing #4. I always oil the threads when installing the bolts to avoid seizing and have had no issues. Nice to see there are affordable replacements if needed though.
Using impact tools (air or electric) does add a lot more risk for bolt/nut damage, when used improperly. In my case with the Cherokee, it seems a tech worked way too fast and did not slide the socket all the way in before tightening, so the middle of the bolt head got marked/slightly damaged, which causes a fully inserted socket to grip.

These OEM bolts do have a *soft head*. I know my Liberty lug nuts had a very thin chromed metal cover over them and they damaged very easily. These lug bolts don't seem as flimsy, but they are obviously not hardened through and through.
I read on the McGard site last night, after posting here, that their bolts/nuts are hardened and the head appears to be solid, not covered with a thin cover, so I'm not sure they are the same as OEM.
Gorilla say theirs are hardened as well.

At home I use a combination of tools for my wheels : electric impact to remove, and also to tighen but just barely. I tighten with a torque wrench, always (100 ft-lbs for the KL). I use only coated deep sockets of the correct size (I have metric and standard). The deep sockets I use with the torque wrench are regular sockets, not nylon/teflon coated impact sockets, but I apply a nice thick layer of fabric tape on them to protect the wheels.

I never apply any lubricant to wheels studs or lug bolts. Reason for this is I have read many times that torque numbers are caculated for a *dry* tightening. If you lube the thread, you will in fact be applying more torque for the same number on the wrench and that could cause overtightening problems (damage to wheel seats, warp brake components, etc...). I do however keep the threads clean by using a rag with brake cleaner to get any dirt or foreign stuff off of them before screwing them in.

When only done by hand, the risk of damaging the bolts or nuts is minimal. But we don't have any control over what shops do when we take our vehicules in...

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