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@ Mark_ Thanks for the informative response.

I do use an impact gun to remove as well as install my bolts. When installing bolts I only use the gun to spin them in quickly, but do not hammer them in. I get one click, maybe two. I follow that up with a torque wrench and tighten until I get the click at 100 ft pounds. Then re-torque after a few days of driving to make sure everything is properly seated.

I decided to go with these:
  • All lug bolts are forged, not cut from bar stock. Forging allows for better mechanical properties and consistent quality.
  • Our threads are rolled (forged) onto the bolt, not cut. 60 degree acorn seat.
  • All lug bolts are made of 1045 carbon steel and heat treated to 10.9 grade. Carbon steel is an alloy known for it's very good formability, comparatively high strength, and a high luster surface finish.
  • All lug bolt finishes are corrosion tested using a 48 hour salt spray.

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