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Originally Posted by Falstaff View Post
Just curious how many people have bought a Trailhawk with no intention of ever going out on the trail?

We just did a factory order for a High Altitude model with ADI. It was a well-thought out decision as we wanted to be sure we didn't need ADII or any other option we wouldn't use. But as soon as we tell friends we decided to go with a Cherokee, the first question is usually, "Is it a Trailhawk?"

To me, the saddest thing is to see a Trailhawk owned by someone who will only ever drive it around the city and has no intention of driving it off-road. In my mind, if you want the 4x4 capability but not the off-road prowess, buy any other model with a V6. A Trailhawk without a trail is like a bird that's kept in a cage.

Each morning I walk by a burgundy Trailhawk sitting in a driveway with the engine running as it warms up. The family who own it are obviously getting ready to drive it to work or school and don't look to me like they have any intention of hitting a trail any time soon. It makes me sad.
A lot of people will buy a vehicule because it caught their eye, or for some status thing, not primarily for its capabilities. And those people are much less likely to join a forum like this one.
Hey if they've got the cash, they'll buy whatever they want. Same with exotics : how many have racetrack training ?

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