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traffic alerts by street name instead of exit number

Good morning all!

I'm new to my 2017 TrailHawk and still working my way through all of the tech features and have Googled this question as well but either didn't ask Mr. Google the right question or there isn't a suitable answer but here goes:

How can I get my 8.4Nav to alert me of traffic ahead by exit name instead of exit number? Alerting me by exit number works well when you are out of the city, but in and around town, that doesn't really help me much. This morning was a great example. "Traffic ahead between exit 35 and exit 36" That doesn't mean squat to me when it tells me that when I just passed exit 40 something. Give me a name like Milliken or Day Creek and I know where those exits are in my head and can dodge the impending doom by jumping onto other freeways or side streets to avoid the mess ahead.

Yes, I have read the owners manual for both the Jeep and the Uconnect unit but was unable to find a section that would allow me to change that information. If I'm stuck with it, then no big deal but if there is a setting(s) that I can change, then that would be great.

Thanks and happy trails!

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