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Spring and/or Summer Assateague Island trip/meet?

Please read rest of thread for more details.

I've seen a bunch of Jeeps on here that have Assateague Island passes on their windshields (mine included). Who would be down for a day trip to the beach this summer, or several? for those that haven't beached their Jeep before, it's not the off-road adventure that a trail offers, but it offers an unparalleled view, and the ability to see scenery that you have to experience. we could even go down once or twice in the cold when it's not crowded to just beach drive and check out the abandoned houses, and maybe Tom's Cove (i've never been down to Tom's Cove before). so, who's in? suggestions? ideas? @HazzardSky & @MarinR00, i know you have/had passes.


Updates to post #1

I decided to keep all important updates in post #1 to prevent scrolling for info in case the thread takes off

1) @IRSmart
2) @HazzardSky
3) @gravitywell
4) @fdegree
5) Others TBA

Date: 4/23
Time: 9:00AM at Visitor's Station

The following equipment is required to be in your vehicle. I do not know the procedures for if 4 out of 5 members of a group has all of the equipment and one does not, and is being inspected. The rangers are allowed to inspect you for the items, and although I've never been inspected, other members here have.

-A shovel with a blade at least 6" square and at least 18" long.
-A vehicle jack sufficient to lift one wheel clear of the sand.
-A jack support that is at least 12"x12" of non-bending steel, 5/8" plywood or 1½" hardwood.
-A tire gauge with a minimum reading of 15 pounds or less.
-A tow rope or tow strap, chain or cable with a minimum pulling strength of 6,000 pounds and at least 10 feet long. Minimum diameter is ½" for nylon or Dacron ropes; ¾" for all other ropes; ¼" for carbon steel cable; 5/16" for chain links.

Total cost depends on when we go, and what pass you buy. If we go when the park entrance fee is waived, you only need to buy an OSV pass. That fee is never waived, and you need to display an OSV pass on your windshield to drive on the beach. If we go outside of when the entrance fee is waived, it is up to you whether you want to buy a week pass or a year pass. I highly recommend the year, since you're already getting a year pass with the OSV, and you WILL want to come back. The entrance and OSV pass will get you into both the MD and VA side of the beach.

Park entrance fee, 7 days: $20
Park entrance fee, 1 year: $40
OSV pass: $90

The sites are breathtaking, bring a camera for sure.

The OSV and entrance passes are obtained at different areas of the park. We would probably meet up at the visitor's center where you get the park passes, then head over to the ranger's station to get the OSV passes.

There is an area to air down right before you get to the beach, and it is recommended to go down to 15 psi. They also have public air pumps, which sometimes lose power. I know some of you are equipped with on-board air compressors (like @myfirstcherokee) so please keep in mind if the power goes down we may need to drive into Berlin to find another public air station.

There are two OSV zones, one in MD and one in VA. I have never done the VA side, as you can't just drive down the beach to VA. They have a fence set up, you need to drive back to the mainland and down to VA to do their side. We can do both if there is interest.

Stopping to set up to "beach" will depend on weather and what time of year we choose.

For any and all information pertaining to the OSV of Assateague, check out their website, here.

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