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Originally Posted by Montaska View Post
An Introduction
Alright, while I've absolutely loved my 2016 V6 Latitude Cherokee, I've grown tired of it being called a "mom car" and having people think that my girlfriend's Tundra is my truck and the Cherokee is hers.

I've modded and sold various Jeeps throughout the years: a 1997 ZJ Grand Cherokee, a 2003 WJ Grand Cherokee and I sunk the most money into a 2007 Wrangler X. I loved the Wrangler X's capabilities off-road but man, did it suck on the ice. And since I've moved up to the Alaska coast, I've noticed that winter here has a lot of ice. The KL, on the other-hand, sees me switching in and out of "Snow Mode" during my commute with ease. So in that respect, I've decided that buying another Wrangler is out of the question. However, with Alaska being absolutely bankrupt, they don't plow the roads here so it's not uncommon to drive to work through a half a foot or more of snow so I certainly need more clearance and deeper tread. I'm not into rock-crawling or anything but do need to go down forest roads and beaches from time to time, hence also needing more clearance and tread. Would I do better with a Trailhawk like the salesman had originally tried to convince me? Perhaps, but at this point I have a 0% interest loan on my Cherokee and it only has 6,000 miles so I'll eat a pretty big wad of cash if I do anything other than keep it. Which isn't bad, because I do like the Jeep. It just needs some balls.

The Plan
De-Chrome & De-Badge. I've never used Plastidip before but it seems like the most logical route to go. I'll have to do this once it warms up since it's still about 15*F up here. De-Badging is no issue, this is the first vehicle I've owned where I haven't already de-badged it.

It needs a lift.
I'm currently torn between the few lift options since they all seem to achieve the desired goal. Hazard's is inexpensive. MFC's seems more stout. Dobinson's actually replaces equipment and might be a pain if I do decide to de-mod the Cherokee and trade it in, someday. I am leaning more towards the MFC, at this point. Either way, I will upgrade to the Trailhawk trailing arms.

New wheels & tires. Black wheels and 32's?

Mopar Side Steps. I've heard some horror stories about people getting wrong parts with their RRO steps and since shipping will cost a fortune, I think it's safer to go with the Mopar ones, even if they are going to be more expensive.

RRO Roof Rails & Rack.

The Build
I'm hoping to get the lift, wheels and tires ordered here in the next couple of months so this will serve as a discussion in the meantime. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be appreciated!

Good morning! If you have any questions about the MFC lift, feel free to contact me. It is indeed reengineered for a super smooth front spacer install now.

Also, I have been working alongside Dobinsons, and we maybe making adjustable rear trailing arms. This oils make it so you don't have to hog out the bolt holes to line up. Having them adjustable, can really center the wheel quicker and easier.

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