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I have been trying to find out the answer for 3 years. The body shop that fixed my skid plate damage doesn't know.
My dealer doesn't know. The Product Specialists from Jeep doesn't know. We have tried to turn the twist screws and still can't get the panel off. The body shop guy couldn't remove the panel by turning the twist screws.
I have finally given up. I chewed the lower piece of plastic up pretty good on a rock but the panel is still there.
Does anyone have the answer?
According to my 2014 Jeep brochures (2) the approach angle is 29.9 degrees "(with air dam)" and 29.8 degrees with
"* Front lower fascia removed". The fine print is brutal!
This doesn't make sense, the approach angle should be greater with the air dam removed.
I remain totally confused!
This is what I did to increase my approach angle:

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