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Installing RRO rock rails

1st pic is be start.
2nd pic is removing the end plastic retainers and there is a 8 mm screw at front not pictured being removed.
3rd and 4th is after a bit of manhandling the plastic rail off its tabs.
5th and 6th it the plastic tab that hangs down after you remove the plastic rail and then me trimming it with tin snips.
7th and 8th was after washing the pinch seam of dirt i the drilled 6 hole where the tabs were and putting in the rubber nut plug using the rail as a guide with a 9/16 drill bit.
9th is me lifting the rail up with a floor jack to line the holes up. (I had to put the jack on a block because I had the TH on small ramps so I could work under it. Yes I am a big fellow)
ran out of room for more pics continued in the next post

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