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Originally Posted by David_Baker View Post
My lane departure warning at random times turns off and pressing the button does nothing. Next restart all back to normal. Too many computers...

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May have nothing to do with your situation but two things can cause this to happen.
* The 2 lane markings (generally requires 2) can not be read for some reason. May look the same but it can not read them. I find it will read the side of the road as a lane marking, even though there is no lane marking. I would guess if the side of the road is distinct enough it it can determine that it considers that a lane marking. Also depending on the paint on the road if it can't read the lane it turns off.
I find mine will turn off but resets by itself after clear lanes are sensed.
* I believe if you counteract the lane adjustment that the steering wheel makes 3x the system turns off. I find that it will eventually reset if those conditions are eliminated.
I find usually our interstate highways have nice wide lanes and the system tends to work better. With narrower lanes it seems to keep me closer to the center line than I am comfortable being.
I tend to to stay a bit further away from the center lane divider than the system likes, thus will turn off as I counteract it.. With our 2 lane roads the system works good except when there is traffic and again I keep further to right of the center lane than the system likes.

I have found sometimes a combination of the two will shut it down, especially my tendency of driving further from that center line than the system approves.

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