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Originally Posted by Dirty 230 View Post
Driving down the road today and my cruise control stopped working.
When I push the cruise button the little icon came on.
When i hit the set button it would turn off.
I tried over and over to set it. No go.
I pulled over disconnected the battery for a minute and got back on the road.
Bingo all systems go.
Basically a forced system reset....................
Not to be critical but disconnecting the battery is not recomended, especially on this Cherokee.
The systems are all computer controlled and depend on constant power.
There are error codes etc that are stored that could be lost.
Many times you can get the same result by turning off the ignition and waiting a minute or two.
When you restart the vehicle you may notice the system does a boot up. That is the various light go on and off in the EVAC to verify the component is working. If not you will get an error message or the light will stay on. Even in the off state stuff is going on which is why battery drain is an issue with newer vehicles.
Glad it worked out for you but its is a gamble each time you do it.
Thanks for sharing.

As a side note FCA's issue with the last recall concerning the data crimping cable for the transmission was basically if it happens, before you get it in, to simply turn off the ignition and restart the vehicle.
Obviously the system just reboots and all is fine.

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