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Originally Posted by Jeepster1 View Post
May have nothing to do with your situation but two things can cause this to happen.
* The 2 lane markings (generally requires 2) can not be read for some reason. May look the same but it can not read them. I find it will read the side of the road as a lane marking, even though there is no lane marking. I would guess if the side of the road is distinct enough it it can determine that it considers that a lane marking. Also depending on the paint on the road if it can't read the lane it turns off.
I find mine will turn off but resets by itself after clear lanes are sensed.
* I believe if you counteract the lane adjustment that the steering wheel makes 3x the system turns off. I find that it will eventually reset if those conditions are eliminated.
I find usually our interstate highways have nice wide lanes and the system tends to work better. With narrower lanes it seems to keep me closer to the center line than I am comfortable being.
I tend to to stay a bit further away from the center lane divider than the system likes, thus will turn off as I counteract it.. With our 2 lane roads the system works good except when there is traffic and again I keep further to right of the center lane than the system likes.

I have found sometimes a combination of the two will shut it down, especially my tendency of driving further from that center line than the system approves.
Na I get all that, what I mean is the indicator to tell you it's turned on disappears off the dash and the yellow Light on the button comes on to tell you it's disabled. A momentary flash on the dash of Lane Departure system unavailable and that's it. Hit the button and no difference. It can do this while driving or when first starting the vehicle. Whenever it does it it only clears when next restarting vehicle. I should add this is probably 6 times since owning the vehicle over 18 months. I haven't had it happen since the last service where 7 different systems were flashed / updated. Time will tell I guess

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