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Originally Posted by tbrou6229 View Post
Congratulations @Montaska on your KL, is it Active Drive 1 or 2? (Do you have 4WD Low?) And where are the pictures?

I have the HazzardSky lift on my Trailhawk, have had no issues with it. MFC's was a bit more complicated to install originally, but he has reengineered it to make the install better. Either way they reach similar goals. The Dobinson's lift definitely looks like its going to be the most stout of them all.

From personal experience, it's almost not worth the work to de-mod the vehicle if you trade it in. I traded my '15 Latitude for a '16 Trailhawk and gave them almost every mod I had, except the RRO steprails and my lighted roof rack. Then I bought another HazzardSky lift, and kept going...

I second airish, skip the RRO roof rails, go with Gobi if you're willing to pay the money. Although, I do have their steprails and love them. The Mopar ones look good though and will probably work out better for you there though.

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It's Active Drive 1, just the Auto/Snow/Sand-Mud/Sport. I took one picture while driving the Alaska-Canada Highway last Fall, it's around here somewhere, but otherwise I haven't been able to get too many pictures! Thanks for the info on the Gobi rack, I think I will add that to my list since it's all one solid unit.

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