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I locked myself out of my 2015 Trailhawk...

Tonight my boss asked me to go down the street and pick up a salad for his wife (which I was fine with). So once I've got the food, I get inside and turn on the car. Then, by chance, I decide to go look and see how my cars' new headlight look with the turn signal. I enable the turn signal, and step out of the car, and shut the door. I admire it, walk back to my Jeep, and I can't get in. So I ran back to the restaurant (mind you my vehicle is still on and blinking) I tried to call my boss but he didn't answer, luckily, a police officer saw me and offered to drive me to my apartment to get the spare. I show up to my apartment, realize my apartment key is locked in my car, but thank the lord, another resident walks and opens the doors. I had to explain why I had just hopped out of the back of a police car. I got my spares, was taken back, and thank the lord, the car unlocked. In regards to what I think happened, I surmised that the most likely reason I was locked out was because with the turn signal enabled, it tricked the cars safety system to thinking that someone was in the vehicle and driving it, hence initiating the auto lock that happen when you start driving. Anyway, very thankful for Salt Lake City's finest!

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