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2016 Owners - Request

Could I ask you folks that have a 2016 Cherokee with a few thousand miles experience to share your service/maintenance experience? Excluding the normal oil, filter, wheel balancing, etc. routine stuff, what kind of problems, if any, have you experienced?

I have a 2014 with 40K miles on it. Mine is the first year of the new model, and Iíve had several issues that Iíve tried to just mark up to first year model problems. Iím curious if Chrysler has adequately addressed these things in the later models.

Here are the issues Iíve experienced:

- 2,300 miles , vibration in lower gears. Front CV joints and axles replaced but this didnít fix it. Dealer replaced the rear transmission support strut which fixed it.
- Multiple transmission flashes
- 12,059 miles, Replacement of leather on the front driverís side seat due to premature wear of the upper seat bolsters. This occurred again at 23,500 miles. Bother covered under warranty.
- 31,121 miles, Check engine light that was finally addressed by replacement of the transmission! ?
- 38,639 miles, Oil pressure sensor failure
- 39,845 miles, Replacement of the left front ball joint/steering knuckle. This was a $700+ out-of-pocket cost

So, have these issues been fixed in the later models?

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