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Sounds like they used your front tow hooks as tie down points for the transport. The finish on a recovery point is likely to get scratched/scraped/gouged and otherwise damaged any time they are attached to but especially if they use something such as a hook, chain or shackle. I would just rattle can them with whatever color you prefer. The most important part of this is proper surface preparation of any bare metal prior to painting. Wire brush to remove any loose paint and rust. Then scuff the rest of the surface that will be getting recoated with Scotchbrite (check the back of the sponge in the kitchen). Follow this with acetone to remove any surface contaminants. If you use a conventional automotive paint (I prefer SEM) I would hit it with two coats of primer and three coats of color. You can also use a more durable Epoxy paint if you can find one in the color you want. My preferred top coating for recovery points is actually Plasti Dip. It's not as durable as paint but quick to apply since it is so easy to clean up any over spray. I apply it as a sacrificial layer over a painted or properly primed surface. I just block off with a piece of cardboard for quick touch ups. Let any over spray dry overnight and wipe it off the next day. On the front hooks, the surface will get a lot of abuse so not sure how well it would hold up.. It's been over nine months since I Plasti Dipped the rear tow hook and shackle mount and they still look fine. With the paint, you will want to either remove the hooks or completely mask the area before painting. The Trailhawk front hooks are held on with two bolts (16mm socket) near the front and one large nut (30mm socket) at the back. As previously mentioned, fascia removal will get you to all of the hardware. In planning for an upcoming mod, I recently removed the driver side front hook. I completely removed the inboard front bolt and just loosened the outboard front bolt. I dropped the front skid plate to get to the large nut on the back of the hook. With the skid plate out, you have room for a large Crescent wrench or a socket wrench. With the inboard bolt removed, I had enough room to pull the hook out from the front. Haven't gotten around to the passenger side front hook yet. Same process for the front bolts. The rear nut looks like you can get to it by removing the passenger side wheel well liner but will require the use of the 30mm socket and an extension to get to it.

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