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Originally Posted by evilhomer View Post
Hi guys I installed my XD xtreme (9005) kit on my 2016 TH last nite. It all went well I installed them from the bottom, no warning lights on the dash or anything. On a quick test drive I noticed that there is a long strip that is a dead on the driver side??? I wonder if I installed the bulb upside down or something ? On the last two pics you can see the dead spot on the driver side.

Edit: The only thing I did not install was the rear dust covers I will make the holes today to run the wires thru it.
Hey there,

Congrats on the install !

Sorry I'm not familiar with the 9005s as I have the 9012 kit (2015 KL). All I know is the dead spot has been corrected on the XD 9012 xenon bulbs. I know this because mine have no dead spot and one XD rep mentionned they had fixed it, here on the forum.

Having said that... I don't know about XD 9005 xenon bulbs. One question : do you have the XD bulbs or the optional Philips bulbs ?

One other member recently posted about his 9005 kit, having a dead spot, and correcting it by rotating the bulbs. Almost impossible to do with 9012 bulbs because of the one extra large tab, but perhaps it's easier with 9005s.

I'm sure the XD team can answer your questions also. Just PM them or give them a call...

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