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Originally Posted by Pitcherman View Post
That dead spot is most likely caused by the wire that runs down the length of the bulb. Check the orientation of the bulb on the passenger side and Try rotating the bulb on the driver's side to match, it should correct it.
Yeah it's caused by the wire. I believe they fixed the 9012s by positionning the wire at the bottom when the bulb is in place. Since 9012s can't be rotated without some serious tab trimming and tinkering, this was absolutely needed. Let's just remember that these projectors throw with a mirror effect, so the wire being positionned down (6 o'clock) means the dead spot will actually be at 12 o'clock so above the cutoff and not a factor.

For the record, the passenger side dead spot is actually there, but covered/drowned by the overlapping driver's side beam, which is why we don't see it.

The trick here would be to reposition/rotate the 9005s so they sit roughly one half turn from where they are now, to position the wire down. Hoping @XenonDepot can confirm

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