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Originally Posted by SkipW View Post
I have the bulbs that get brighter as you apply electricity...
Mine is a 2014

Ok-Ok I remember... you probably have 9012s from the early batch, the ones that had a dead spot when installed normally. With a dead spot visible at lower right on passenger, the wire inside the bulbs were positionned at 10 o'clock (ish), and the driver's side dead spot was/is drowned out by the passenger side beam. This is what has been corrected with the newer batch of 9012s XD xenons.

Doesn't appear that the 9005s have received the same fix, yet, which would involve a different wire orientation when the bulb is actually put together on teh assembly line. I do think the 9005s are easier to rotate because of tab configuration, and you should proceed with caution rotating 9012s ; reason is that the wider tab is also very tall, and trimming can only (I think) be done for the width of the tab, not the height, because of how the bulbs are centered in the housing and how each tab's length is responsible for centering and making sure the bulb sits firmly inside the housing once in position. If any tab is trimmed on its height, I'm afraid the bulb would sit loosely in the housing afterwards. I'm just not sure which side of the wider tab requires a trim...

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