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New iPhone UConnect app 2.8.12 - vehicle in motion annoyance

So I updated a bunch of apps on my iPhone the other day and see that the Uconnect Access App was updated. I see that the main screen now allows me to see how much fuel I have in case I don't look at the dashboard of my Jeep while I drive?

In any case, I have always found that if I wanted to use either the Aha or iHeartRadio app while driving, I would have to open the Uconnect Access App and then touch on the screen for the Via Mobile Setup to kickstart the phone talking to the head unit. A small inconvenience but totally able to work around it much like the annoying ESS feature (bug). I can't do that now, as soon as I open the Uconnect Access App while driving, I get the dreaded "vehicle in motion" warning and the app doesn't seem to launch because the headunit in the Jeep says that the app isn't running on the phone. Uhg. Stop the car, touch the Via Mobile Setup screen, the icon goes green after a few seconds and we are off and running with iHeartRadio or Aha until I go behind a hill and loose cellular connection then the head unit disconnects from the app and we have to stop to make the app link up again with the head unit.

I totally understand Uconnects/FCA's approach to disabling features that would distract you from paying attention to the road. In fact while on my way out to the dealership yesterday to pick up my Jeep, I drove past an accident where someone clearly wasn't looking out the front window and ran full speed into the back of another vehicle stopped for traffic in front of them. The same thing happened with my co-worker last week, got rear ended at full speed from someone not looking out the front window of their vehicle.

I already filled in the feedback option on the app explaining the problem and I am totally cool with not being able to play with the app while driving, but please FCA, make the app work without any user intervention if you are stopping me from kickstarting the connection from inside the app.

Anyone else have this problem?

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