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Originally Posted by Mudman1 View Post
For those of you who have been on this Forum for a few years, like me, know that some of us like to be prepared. I posted up this thread: Any Tactical Backpack / Go Bag Guys? Big Sale a while back and realized I never followed up on it. Looking at how the jet stream is setting up this week, I figured it would be a good time to remind folks to have an emergency kit in their vehicles. EVERY kit will be different. Mine is designed for me to have to leave my Jeep and make it home within 72 hours, or, if my home is destroyed, be able to live out of my Jeep for 72 hours or longer.

There are other things, such as two trauma kits I keep in my Blue Ridge Overland Gear pouches on the backs of my seats and a fire extinguisher and so on. But, to grab and go, this is what I have. Maybe it will help others fine tune their bags, or make a new one from scratch.

Remember, in a true emergency such as a major flood, tornado outbreak, hurricane, major earthquake or terrorist event, don't count on Walmart or Fleet Farm being open. You and those you love count on you. FYI...don't forget your pets! Though not on the list, I keep a bag of dog food and a bowl for my Rocky. Moreover, I have a spare backpack with 4 days of clothes that is always packed by the front door. It only has clothes in it, but it is a little extra should I have to make it into the Jeep quick. Someone might mention $$ and that is covered but not on the images below . My girlfriend has one in her Jeep too, and it is much less robust but has what she knows how to use on her own.
I would love it if I could get that spreadsheet so I could copy/pasta to maybe build one...

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