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We have a similar list, but in a true emergency one of my biggest fears/concerns is keeping what we have. It has been my experiences (wish I didn't have them). People first are in shock and accept/need early responders. Sadly, it doesn't take long for panic to set in. When people start to realize basic resources are not available they start to turn on one another. (Not everyone, but enough that it's a real concern.) It is easy to find yourself trying to help others and suddenly find yourself in harm's way and needing to get out.

We are prepared for this as well, but this is the primary reason I now wait to respond to emergencies that near to us. At least until the local responders and/or military has control of an area.

If it comes to us bailing out of an area, we are pretty set. We've done family drills and we can be ready to roll in less than 3 minutes with provisions for 3 days. The biggest wild card is fuel. While I have tanks on the ready, we don't normally fill up the tanks until they are at 1/4 tank. If we have to switch to foot, we can only carry provisions for approx 2 days, but part of it is shelter where we are hopefully safe and can get water.

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