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Originally Posted by Pitcherman View Post
Bluetooth + Spotify Premium = why are people still using cables.
Because 'wired > wireless' every time. Wireless is great for convenience, but when performance matters, it doesn't compete with a wired connection.

That's just a universal statement I'm making. Not necessarily about the KL or even in-vehicle entertainment as a whole, but I believe it still holds true. Sometimes the losses are acceptable, or even imperceptible, in which cases a wireless connection is adequate. Each person's individual standard is also an important factor. Personally, I have fairly high standards when it comes to listening to music. I'm not a full-blown audiophile but I do strive for a very clean, loud sound--to the best of what my budget allows (Ok, I spent more than what my budget allows, but don't tell my wife!) I haven't tried listening to music via bluetooth in a long time, so maybe it's better now, but in the little experience I had with it, it would cut in and out or periodically degrade in quality more than I'm willing to tolerate. So I just stopped altogether.

It comes down to this: all the cables are already hooked up in the KL. The SD card or USB drive are extremely easy to use. You literally insert the medium into the slot and Presto! Not sure where the difficulty is...

So why NOT "mess with cables" (whatever that means)?

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