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Originally Posted by Tiefy View Post
Trying to keep it simple, there is always 100% power to the front wheels. When the rear axle is engaged the wet clutch pack in the rear differential can go from 0 - 100% engaged giving up to 50 /50 power distribution. It's pretty much imposible to send more power to the rear than the front like sport mode implies. Unless there is a center diff. Which we don't have.
The video that clew mentioned shows 40/60 F/R split in Sport and "up to 100% of torque available to the rear" in Mud/Sand mode. What do you make of that? Not possible?


I thought I read a post from someone on this site that stated a 50/50 split in one of the modes (but of course I can't recall which mode -- that's why I'm trying to find it).

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